Win badges, achievements and rewards!

LPC has become even more interesting and playful!

As proud as we are of LPC visual identity, its colourful and playful side, now we are, believe it or not, stepping up our game!

We, the LPC people, are constantly thinking about you, our user, and want to make your time spent in LPC as pleasant, relaxed and interesting as it can be. We truly care about your progress and your regular activity. Hence, after a thorough consideration and evaluation of the best practices and possible solutions, we’ve decided to upgrade the rewards system of your overall LPC experience. We do believe that the outcome of our endeavour will be positive on your end and that the earned badges will help motivate you to learn more eagerly and successfully. Don’t worry, you’re doing great, but it can always be better, right?

How does the rewards system work?

We have upgraded and redefined the gamified learning experience and created new badges covering 5 categories! Of course, we won’t reveal our strategy and tell you the ways to collect them. For now, we’ll just leave you with the fact that your every move gets monitored and valued for gaining special achievements in LPC.

Various achievements, aside from covering all aspects of learning, count in your stay in LPC and exploring all of its nooks and crannies. Therefore, if you know that there is an uncharted territory still to be discovered, don’t hesitate to check out how your activity can be valued and rewarded.

What to do with badges?

Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed – after collecting a certain number of badges, all you have to do is decide what you would like to trade them for.

Collected badges can be traded for these rewards:

The rewards system can vary from time to time depending on the current stock, so be free to get in touch with us at for further information and to arrange the details of your chosen reward delivery.

We are excited about starting a new chapter in LPC and happy that you’re a part of that adventure.

Good luck! ;)

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