Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use

By using the webshop, the online point-of-sale of HalPet d.o.o. at https://lpc.halpet.eu/, customers agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.
By using this website customers confirm that they are familiar with and agree to the General Terms and Conditions. If the customers do not agree with these conditions, or if they are under 18, they should refrain from using this website.
HalPet d.o.o. reserves the right to modify or cancel any business segment, availability period, content or offer published on the website at any time.

Conditions of purchase
These conditions determine orders, payments and delivery of products and services purchased via HalPet’s webshop, as well as the complaint handling procedures related to the products and services sold via webshop.
HalPet d.o.o. is Seller, and Customer is the visitor of the website who fills in electronic purchase form, sends it to Seller, and makes the payment via Internet banking, credit or debit card.
All prices are expressed in EUR and all include VAT.

To register to HalPet’s webshop at https://lpc.halpet.eu/, Customer has to be at least 18 years old. Customer is responsible for the information supplied on registration to be truthful, accurate and complete. If any changes to information supplied for registration purposes occur, Customer is required to update their user account so that Seller is kept informed of the resulting changes.

Ordering of products or services
Customer orders products or services via electronic purchase form.
Customer is any entity who electronically orders at least one service, fills in required data and sends the order.
All prices are expressed in EUR and all include VAT.
Products or services are ordered in electronic form by clicking on the particular product or service and adding it to the shopping basket. The order is complete only when Customer selects and confirms payment method order.

Ordered products or services are paid online, via Internet banking by one of the credit and debit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners or Visa) .




Conversion statement
All payments will be effected in EUR. When charging Customer’s credit card, the same amount is converted into Customer’s local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.

Entering and transferring personal data
Entering and transferring of personal data and credit card number data are protected by the highest safety standards provided by WSpay™ credit cards online authorization system, in accordance with the requirements of credit card companies and brands and PCI DSS standards. Credit card authorization and payment is done in real time using WSpay™ system.

Personal data gathering, protection and use statement
HalPet d. o. o. undertakes to align all online activities with the national legislation of the Republic of Croatia (Law on personal data protection, Narodne novine, no. 103/03, 118/06, 41/08, 130/11 and 106/12 – consolidated text) and to protect the confidentiality of all personal data to which it has the right and power of access and which are stored in the LPC system database (lpc.halpet.eu) and it shall use the data solely for the purpose of education. HalPet d. o. o. runs sales and marketing campaigns and collects data for this purpose on the basis of consent. The data can be stored in HalPet partners’ external database.

It also undertakes that the personal data, to which it has the right and power of access, shall not be given or in any way made accessible to third (unauthorised) parties. It commits itself to maintain the data confidentiality after the cessation of LPC (lpc.halpet.eu) system operations.
In accordance with the Law on personal data protection, you have the access to your personal data and the possibility of changing them within your user profile.
HalPet d.o.o. is committed to provide the service of protection of Customer’s personal data in a way that only essential basic information about Customer that are necessary for fulfilling Seller’s obligations are collected; Customer is also informed about the way the collected information is used, and is regularly given an option about how their information will be used, including the possibility to decide whether their name should be included or omitted from the lists used for marketing campaigns.
All user information is strictly guarded and is available only to the employees who need that information for completing the job.
All the employees and business partners of HalPet d.o.o. are responsible for abiding by the principles of confidentiality protection.

After registering at https://lpc.halpet.eu/, the message containing the username and link for creating the password to access the website https://lpc.halpet.eu/ is sent to Customer’s email address. Customer will be able to access the bought online contents as soon as the monetary transaction is duly executed.

Product or service return
In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, Article 79, for the delivery of digital content that is not delivered on a physical media, the consumer shall not be entitled to unilateral termination of the contract, that is, to product or service return.

Licence duration
The purchased product (course) is available to users for a period of one year (365 days) from the moment of purchase, i.e. from the moment of gaining access to the program. After the period of one year has expired, the access to the program is denied, regardless of the level of its completion.

Customer complaints procedure
In the event of an unsatisfactory product or service, Customer is required to send a written complaint by email at halpet@halpet.hr.

HalPet d.o.o. maintains the right to change these terms and condition. All changes will be applied to the use of HalPet’s webshop at https://lpc.halpet.eu/. Customer has the responsibility to provide accurate and complete data on the website in the purchasing process.

External services
Services provided by HalPet’s webshop at https://lpc.halpet.eu/ do not include additional charges that Customer may incur for using electronic devices or services to access Seller’s website. HalPet d.o.o. does not have any responsibility or liability for telephone, data transfer or any other costs incurred.
Customer is responsible for obtaining and maintaining all computer hardware, software and other equipment needed to access and use this website, and for paying all charges related to that. HalPet d.o.o. is not responsible for any damages to Customer’s equipment that may result from using this website.

Intellectual property
The contents of HalPet’s web shop at https://lpc.halpet.eu/ are protected and are the sole property of HalPet d.o.o. For any commercial use of the contents at https://lpc.halpet.eu/ ,prior permission must be obtained from HalPet d.o.o.
Customer may not copy, perform, use audio and/or video diffusion, sell, resell, or use Seller’s products or any part of these products for commercial or other purposes without Seller’s authorization.

The availability of HalPet’s online shop
Although HalPet aims to provide the best services possible, HalPet d.o.o. cannot guarantee that the services at https://lpc.halpet.eu/ will completely fit Customer’s needs and wants. Furthermore, HalPet d.o.o. cannot guarantee an error-free service. If an error occurs, Customer should report it at halpet@halpet.hr so it could be eliminated as quickly possible. HalPet’s webshop may sometimes be inaccessible due to maintenance or the implementation of new contents.

Dispute settlement
In the event of a dispute, Seller and Customer will try to resolve it amicably; otherwise it shall be settled by the competent court in Zagreb.

HalPet d. o. o
Janka Rakuše 1, 10000 Zagreb
email: lpc@halpet.eu
OIB: 34309893684
MB: 01141350
Registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb, entry number 080218538
Share capital, paid in full: 2.760,63 EUR / 20.800,00 KN
Giro account (Zagrebačka banka): HR2123600001101879931

By buying the products Customer agrees to be bound by the General Terms and Conditions.