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Learning solution for business skills development. LPC for Business has been created to help professionals, teams and companies achieve their professional and personal goals!

LPC for Business offers more than 100 different educational programs in the areas of the most sought-after skills in various professional environments. Our programs have already given excellent results in the biggest Croatian companies.


  • Hrvatski za početnike | Croatian for Beginners

    125 EUR (941,81 KN)

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  • Upravljanje otpornošću | LPC video učionica

    19 EUR (143,16 KN)

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  • Komunikacija za izgradnju tima

    5 EUR
    (37,67 KN)

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Here you can find more about us and the proven LPC method for business education! If you want progress for your team or company, we are here to help.


Do you have content you need to share with your (new) employees, such as Occupational Health and Safety program, Onboarding, AML or Compliance?

We can design the entire program, either as a part of your package or as a separate service by using our effective LPC method. And we do the hosting, too!


If you have your own LMS, you can easily integrate our online programs into it! And not only that: you can select the desired programs or decide to buy individual programs.
As an additional benefit for Maxi and Midi users there are free webinars and free design of one internal company program! We deliver your programs in SCORM format: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (2., 3. ili 4. edicija), AICC, Experience API, cmi5.


LPC is our unique and proven learning method. Years of experience in education have led us to come up with 3 key steps for successful knowledge transfer and learning: Learn – Practice – Communicate.

Step 1  Learn
Acquiring new knowledge in a structured and straightforward way

Step 2  Practice
Practicing the acquired knowledge through interactive exercises and activities

Step 3  Communicate
Checking learning results and applying new knowledge in everyday practice


Looking for a classroom training for your team?
Great! Go for the live LPC training and dive into a top-notch learning experience!

Choose from our wide range of ready-made
soft skill programs
or order a personalized training,
webinar or coaching tailored to your needs.

Fully rely on our experts, experienced trainers, and interactive programs that will enable your team to reach its full potential.
Ensure your team’s success through LPC live learning!


Below you can find a few reviews from our satisfied LPC online users.

  • of our users would recommend LPC online to their colleagues/friends

  • of LPC knowledge can be applied at work and in private life

Our clients

Here you can find more about us and the proven LPC method for business education! If you want progress for your team or company, we are here to help.

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Our team is a combination of creativity, expertise, and mutual support. Each member contributes with their unique skills set  ensuring a high level of performance and outstanding results.

We work together as a family, sharing enthusiasm for the challenges the industry brings, and finding innovative solutions that change the game for the better 😊.


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