Why learn with LPC online?

The decision to start with additional education is never easy. Very often we don’t have enough time or financial means, or we simply lack determination and concentration to embark on this journey.

Online education can be a possible solution for these issues because it often comes at a more favourable price, you are not bound to physical class sessions, and your learning materials are made available 24/7. But among many educational options, how to choose the one that best suits your needs?

Here are some of the reasons why choosing LPC online is the right thing to do!


It has a fail-safe success formula!

The long experience of HalPet’s experts in teaching business skills and foreign languages resulted in creating this unique Croatian platform, based on and named after the LPC method. Each lesson in the system consists of three steps – Learn, Practice and Communicate – carefully planned to convey all the necessary knowledge to each user in order for them to master the learning content thoroughly. Find out more about our method in one of our next posts!

It’s a place to have great fun!

At this point, you have seen enough to recognize how intuitive and fun our system’s interface is! Here you will find motivational messages, interesting and instructive quizzes, and read different titbits from the world of education and learning! It is easier to make time for learning if it can be more fun and entertaining, right?

It suits everyone!

You can access LPC online no matter whether you are a business subject or an individual eager to learn new skills. By taking the courses created by our seasoned educators, you will undoubtedly reach new levels of proficiency and impress with your new skills. Aside from being accessible 24/7 and enabling you to learn by using various electronic devices, it contains carefully planned lessons and microlessons, thus making it possible for everyone to allocate a little time for their self-improvement! Your commute to work or university won’t be just a waste of time anymore!

Perfectly simple to use!

You have already found out how simple navigating our system is, right? In addition to providing you with a high quality learning experience, we also want to reduce the time needed for finding a specific concept, course, text, quiz, or anything else. On the left side you will find a search engine which you can use in either Croatian or English to reach your goal easily. You also have a clear overview of all your courses, as well as other courses we offer online at that moment. Everything is at your fingertips!

It has its own webshop!

We love when everything is within reach! That’s why we’ve decided to have the first e-learning contents webshop in Croatia. It is possible to browse new courses in LPC online offer and purchase them right away simply and safely. And the best thing is that you can start the purchased program right after the payment becomes visible. So, everything you need is in one place – your courses enabling you to learn on the spot, our webshop offering variety of courses, and our useful articles!

LPC is a teacher who will never let you down

There is no fear with LPC learning – LPC is a teacher who won’t have a “bad day”, who will always treat you the same way, and use the same, tried and tested method. It provides you with a learning insight, points out your errors, gives you the correct answers, and the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Furthermore, it will always greet you by your name and wish you a pleasant learning experience!


If you think that we haven’t given you enough reasons to learn with LPC online, register to start your LPC adventure and find out for yourself why LPC is the right thing for you!

Learning doesn’t have to be just “that something that has to be added to our schedule” – with LPC online learning is fun, and what is most important, it brings lasting results!

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