Corporate Education in the first Croatian educational webshop

You got the big task to organize corporate education for your team, department members or company employees? You’re looking above and beyond for a reliable partner in the process of digital transformation of your education?

Relax, look no further. Let us explain why LPC is the right option for your corporate training needs.

Maybe you’ve already tried implementing some sort of education in your company:

  • Holding seminars, workshops, conferences and such did no good because your employees were absent from their workplace, and the whole thing turned out to be costly and difficult to handle?
  • Maybe you thought it would be a great idea to bundle all your materials in a set of PDFs and distribute it via email? You did your job, but you could never really tell whether the employees ever took a look at the attachment and what they have even learned?
  • Or, you were brave enough to transform your educational needs into e-learning? Well, if you’re here, reading this, we can safely assume that those e-lessons weren’t what they were cut out to be and there is a lot of room for growth and enhancements?

We get it. We are well aware of how important it is to quickly and effectively guide new employees to their new jobs, introduce them to new procedures, services, products etc., educate them about the company ethics policies, learn a foreign language or whatever it is that you specifically need that we haven’t already mentioned. LPC can do all that, and beyond.

Why come to us and what is so special about us?

All you have to do is tell us what you need, send us your materials, and let us turn plain old text into interactive and interesting content enriched with multimedia. Every type of content is a challenge and our instructional designers are eager to take it. We are looking forward to turn your specific business process into an interactive content or perhaps, an animated video.

LPC is GDPR compliant, so only the group of your employees will have access to your online course. They will however have all the freedom to access online education whenever and wherever, as many times as they like and from whichever device they prefer. No more excuses or justifications.

We customize your learning experience according to your wishes:

  • Maybe you would want to set the expire date on your course? – OK!
  • You would like to set prerequisites and lesson progression? – No problem.
  • You would like to check every step of the education through quizzes and tests? – You name it.

Still not convinced? Well, what if we told you that reporting and user tracking are an integral part of LPC, allowing you to monitor who and when did what and with what result at all times.

Last but not least, our tech support and help is only a click away, right where you need it, built into the system.

If we’ve managed to intrigue you, and we know we have, reach out to us to get a taste of our demo courses. We will be delighted to show you our very own, LPC way of learning!

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