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German language: 10 good reasons for learning

If you can’t seem to motivate yourself to learn German, read this blog and discover good reasons to do so.

Get familiar with some important facts about German, each presenting a good reason for learning it, as well as some useful tips to make the first steps in learning German easier!

Just keep an open mind, learning German is not as hard as everyone says it is!

1. Knowing German is a big plus!

Nowadays it is not enough to speak “only” English since everyone is expected to be fluent in it, while the ability to speak another foreign language like German is highly desirable! You may have realized this when you found yourself in a situation where the German speaking ability was required or preferred – for example, in a job interview. If German is not your first foreign language, make it a second.

2. You want to continue your education, research or study at the most renowned European universities?

Many of the top European universities and research facilities that offer excellent teaching and research opportunities are situated in German-speaking countries.

3. You’re looking for a job in your field abroad?

The labour markets in German-speaking countries are open to fresh, skilled workforce. You will need German if you want to achieve your career aspirations in one of the German-speaking countries!

4. Germany is the economic powerhouse of the European Union.

Germany is one of the most developed countries in Europe and the world, and its economy is the third largest worldwide, just behind the USA and Japan.

5. Major German companies have their subsidiaries located across Europe and worldwide! (In Croatia, as well!)

The number of German companies operating in Croatia is constantly growing, and if you have good German language skills, you can find attractive workplaces in our country. Furthermore, increasing number of employers require at least a basic knowledge of German.

6. German is spoken beyond European borders!

Over 100 million people worldwide speak German, and almost 20 million learn it. German is the language with the largest number of speakers in the European Union and is the second most taught foreign language.

7. Are you familiar with the expression “German quality”?

The quality of German products really is top-notch – whether we are talking about cars, sports equipment, technology, furniture, home appliances or food.

8. German language is a part of our rich historical and cultural heritage!

Being a part of the German-speaking area of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy for many centuries has left a significant trace in Croatia – for example, many of our important historical documents are written in German.

9. Do you know that you are already using many German words and expressions?

How many German loanwords do you use daily in informal communication? And how familiar are you with the standard Croatian words that these German loanwords replace in everyday speech?

10. Learning German is not as difficult as it seems and it can be fun!

Well-structured lessons will make learning German much easier. Beside high-quality lessons, reading magazines, books and recipes, watching TV shows and movies, listening to music and communicating with native speakers can help you improve your German language skills!

LPC team hopes this will motivate you to start your learning journey as soon as possible and wishes you a lot of success!

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