Business English 1

Course language: English

99.00 EUR / 745.92 KN (1 EUR = 7.53450 KN)

Get set for communicating in English with ease at your work place and acquire bits of useful knowledge about various business and financial skills.

„Business English 1“ is a specialized online course which consists of 16 online lessons, each representing one completed unit. Grow professionally with this course by learning new vocabulary and brushing up on your managing skills, and cover particular financial topics in a simple, interesting and useful way.

We have 20+ years of experience of teaching foreign languages and this course was created and written by a team of educated English language teachers.

You can practice your new language skills on real-life examples and prepare yourself to apply them successfully in everyday life. Various interactive exercises will help you master useful phrases for effective communication.

„Business English 1“ online course ensures consistent and standardized online learning. The scope, the content and the duration of the lessons are suited to the modern way of learning. The advantage of the program is the multimedia learning (audio, video) of business skills and English vocabulary, accompanied by Croatian language equivalents. Users then practice the learnt content through interesting and interactive multimedia exercises. At the end of each lesson, users receive a learning feedback by testing their knowledge.

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B1 – B2

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12 months from the moment of purchase