LPC Features

24/7 online learning
LPC is based on the principle of self-paced proactive learning. It allows you to learn anytime and to make schedule that meets your individual needs or daily routine.

Intuitive and seamless experience for end-users
Upon login, you are free to explore a wide range of learning opportunities. Taking a course is easy and progressing to a next lesson is always a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Any device, any occasion
Mobile friendly, adaptive to your new devices. You can learn anywhere and on any device you choose. That includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops together with various operating systems such as Windows, Android or IOS.

LPC interface is multi-language based and so is the learning content. You can decide in which language you want to explore the platform and the language courses always contain Croatian equivalents of the key expressions of the lesson.

Rich and interactive content
Enjoy rich learning experience through watching videos, interacting with slideshows, listening loads of audio lessons or even downloading materials in PDF format.

Quizzes & Tests
Practice what you have learned and test your knowledge by solving different types of quizzes to progress in learning. Quizzes and tests as interactive activities use different types of questions, pictures, texts and audio records and are linked together for the common purpose of practicing and testing your knowledge.

Win achievements
Acquire rewards or certificates and easily monitor your learning progress. Scores from tests are fully available for your own evaluation.

Experienced educators
You are not alone in the process of learning. Our educators are always available and ready to help you when you need any kind of assistance. If you prefer old fashioned way of learning, you can choose blended learning program which includes lessons in the classroom and online courses.

Built-in customer support
If you need us, we are here for you! LPC has built-in customer support which is more than willing to assist you through your online learning experience and provide you with a response to your inquiry in a timely manner.