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We all need feedback. We all care what others think or say about us. However, in most cases, we don’t get enough feedback or we get inadequate feedback which leaves us with doubt or even a bad taste in our mouth.

Our Feedback course will help you identify different types of feedback and explain why and how this valuable tool can make a positive difference in your professional and personal life. You will familiarise yourself with specific tips and techniques for giving praise and constructive criticism, which will help you boost your confidence, get a desired response from others and inspire a positive change. When you master this skill and start using it regularly, feedback will quickly become your communication tool of choice.

Course objectives:

  • Clearly define feedback and different types of feedback
  • Highlight the importance and role of feedback
  • Learn how to overcome barriers to giving and receiving feedback
  • Adopt effective techniques and strategies
  • Make a habit of regularly giving and seeking feedback.

Number of lessons in the program: 4
Availability: 12 months from the date of purchase
Knowledge assessment: yes
Certificate of completion for the online program: yes


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