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Stress Management

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Welcome to Stress Management online course. The topic of stress is familiar to all of us, isn’t it? Therefore, in this program you will learn how exactly stress affects our physical and mental health and how we can protect ourselves from its negative effects.

In the not so distant past the word stress was rarely mentioned. Nowadays we often hear it in everyday conversation depicting the condition from which we, our friends, family members or colleagues suffer. That is why stress is often called “the 21st century disease”.

We have all been in a stressful situation at some point in life and have experienced at least one of its symptoms. However, this unfortunately does not mean that we have become skilled and effective in managing future stressful situations.

Course goals:

  • Learn what stress is and how it affects our life and work
  • Know how to recognize and identify causes of stress
  • Know how to identify symptoms of stress
  • Learn strategies and techniques for relieving stress

Number of lessons in the program: 4
Availability: 12 months from the date of purchase
Knowledge assessment: yes
Certificate of completion for the online program: yes


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