Managing Conflict

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Insulting or demeaning words and actions like name calling, shaming, sneering, sabotaging or commenting behind the back… they all represent destructive behaviour that you might have experienced before, or maybe you were the one using it in toxic conflict situations. These types of behaviour directly affect work environment and atmosphere, so it is crucial to know how to properly manage conflict situations to reach positive solutions.

Course objectives:

  • Gaining insight into psychological aspects of conflict and becoming aware of the ways our attitudes, interpretations and behaviours affect our everyday activities.
  • Becoming familiar with 3 preconditions for understanding the other side in a conflict and mastering simple techniques you will be able to apply instantly.
  • Using 4 steps of non-violent communication as tools for resolving conflict.
  • Learning how to prepare for potentially difficult conversations by following clear and simple guidelines.

After you have completed this course successfully, you will be able to understand others better and help them understand you as well. You will know how to lay the foundation for open communication and you will be inspired to think of some new ways and solutions you might want to try out in conversations and discussions.

Basic information about the program Managing Conflict:

Number of lessons in the program: 4
Availability: 12 months from the date of purchase
Knowledge assessment: yes
Certificate of completion for the online program: yes


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