Tehnike za samopomoć u kriznim trenutcima

Emergency tool kit for mind and body

Course language: Croatian


Life teaches us that it’s smart to own an emergency tool kit for various life situations. You’re most probably equipped with some basic home repair tools and a first-aid kit both at home and in your car. There is certainly a fire-extinguisher on the staircase and you might have a rucksack with necessary supplies for emergency situations.

We often forget and neglect the necessity of mending and restoring our mind and body as their good shape is a key prerequisite for responding adequately in case of stress, painful cuts, sudden changes and material losses. By keeping our body and mind in good shape, we are be able to give our maximum and help ourselves and others.

This emergency tool kit offers simple, practical and instantly applicable advice and techniques and effective strategies to stay positive and in good mental and physical shape no matter what happens.

With a little bit of effort and goodwill you’ll create new positive habits, handle obstacles more easily and pass on positive vibes to others.

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