Business English: Bundle


Bundle up your English vocabulary skills with this set of 4 courses covering topics on personal & professional growth, travel & leisure and interesting quirks of English language.

Contents of the bundle:


Personal Growth

Learn new vocabulary and find useful information about setting and identifying goals, keeping yourself motivated and coping with stress in your everyday and professional life.

The course consists of 3 lessons:

  • How to Identify Goals
  • Motivation
  • How to Cope with Stress

Professional Growth

Grow professionally with this course by learning new vocabulary and brushing up on your managing skills. Learn how to successfully train your employees and manage their development, how to apply various leadership styles and stages of negotiating, how to manage conflict in the workplace and how to deal with pros and cons of outsourcing.

The course consists of 5 lessons:

  • Training & Development
  • Leadership Styles
  • Five Stages of Negotiating
  • Managing Conflict
  • Outsourcing

Travel & Leisure

Visiting somewhere new and worrying about what to say and how?
This course will help you hit the road and manage to communicate in English with ease, learn about various means of transport and also how to introduce Croatian cuisine to a foreigner in English.

The course consists of 3 lessons:

  • Business Travel
  • At the Restaurant in Croatia
  • Hitting the Road

The Quirks of English

English is a funny language!
Learn all about interesting quirks in English and have fun learning about idioms, literal and figurative meanings of certain words, how to say the same thing in a different way, what are false friends and many ways to say you won :)

The course consists of 5 lessons:

  • Idioms – Colours and More
  • Different Ways of Saying Things
  • False Friends
  • Winning & Losing
  • Raising Awareness

Get set for communicating in English with ease at your work place and acquire bits of useful knowledge about various business skills.




B1 – B2

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